cnMaestro - Automatic SM detection?

I'm asking for this here because I'm sure other 450 operators would care more than the wifi and ePMP ones do.

Really amazed that to this day that cnMaestro still doesn't utilize the 450 platforms killer feature of the AP proxy to add CPE.  

At any rate, we've gone through, added a management IP to all CPE and it's fantastic.  However, every now and then our meatball field techs forget to add the management ip (or do it correctly).  Service will work, they'll fill out their paperwork and move onto the next job.  Tech support won't notice because they've been using the web proxy to manage radios for the last ten years. 

I'll come along to do a firmware upgrade, and do a quick audit and sure enough, cnMaestro sees 20 SM's, the actual AP has 30 registered (or something).  Now I'm manually comparing the customer list with cnMaestro to figure out which ones were buggered up.

Can we please have cnMaestro poll the AP for its count and compare with what it has listed?  Maybe the list of radios with mac addresses stating they aren't in the system so I can go fix them?  It'd save me a bunch of time.  Even better, some kind of mechanism to detect non-onboarded cpe's connecting to an AP and tell me via an alert or something.  

Maybe load up CNUT on a laptop and walk over to their cubicles and be like "hey, this nifty piece of Java was automatically finding an AP's cpe and updating them all with no user interaction back in 2007, you guys want the source code?  It's pretty nifty."


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Instead of having your techs worry about technical/networking items, why not just give them your Cambium ID and onboarding key, and have them onboard each SM before they leave the site? Even if they are not accepted immediately in your CNMeastro portal, they will be there later once the techs arrive back in or so that your engineering team can accept them at their convenience. 

Just trying to throw an alternate idea out there! 

As far as I am aware, that still requires the device to have its networking correct, no?  Getting it to the onboard q is automatic so long as the device has the means to get to cnmaestro itself.  I just wish it'd happen through the ap proxy is all.