cnMaestro AutoSync + cnPilot

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i have a cnPilot network with  different IP's in every AP (192.168.X.1; 192.168.X.2 etch...).

I have disabled Auto Sync on cnMaestro because in the AP group i have set a default IP and didn't want overwrite the AP's IP's.

So, in every AP in cnMaestro, i have the "Auto-set from device" enable so the AP's IP remains.

The question is: If I enable the Auto Sync option, the "Auto-set from device" setting will be enable so the Auto Sync will not overwrite the IP's?

I don't want that the AutoSync put the default IP in every AP.

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Yes, that is correct.  If "Auto-set from device" is enabled, the networks settings listed in that Overrides section will not be changed on the device.  So the IP address you've already assigned to the APs will not change.

This is accomplished by cnMaestro reading the network settings from the device and then pushing those same settings back to the device as configuration.

If you enable Auto Sync in the AP Group, devices with "Auto-set from the device" should not have their network settings changed.

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Thank you Jordan!

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