cnMaestro availability?

When will the cloud platform be ready for launch? I have some C3Voip-200 routers and am ready to apply the new firmware to it and have them be managed in the cloud. Please let me know how we can get this going. Also, I see no place to find the firmware file for these routers as it is now.


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any news?


The C3VoIPs are planned to be supported on the Cloud, the 1st week in October. At that time, we will make available the software that will enable them to be cloud managed, via the regular support site. We'll also post details on this forum as well. Please stay tuned.

and curious as to how many C3VoIPs you have to upgrade? 

We just purchased 4 of them to test in the office right now and based on the webinar, we were hoping the cloud would be ready to go next week as stated in the webinar. 

If not, I understand but the sooner the better so we can start deploying these in larger numbers. Thanks