CNMaestro, cannot add device to tower

Hi, when onboarding a device, I click on the globe to set location, but I only get to select the Network and there is no Tower option. I have setup 4 towers in my network. It is like CNMaestro does not associate the towers with the network and therefore does not provide towers as a configuration option.  Any Ideas?

ePMP/PMP (AP) devices are allowed to be mapped under tower, and the SM follow its parent.

We do not allow to map a WiFi device under tower. For WiFi devices we have Site concept which is under beta program 1.2.1 release

Thank you for the response.  I will continue to onboard the E500 under the network only.  

This seems like a very arbitrary restriction. We can add cnmatrix switches to the “tower” concept but not wifi APs.

We have a single wifi AP at all our tower sites for the techs to use while working.
Cell service is spotty at some of our tower sites, so wifi calling is very much a safety thing.

But this restriction means I have to add a second virtual entity with the same name just to have some where to put the single wifi AP. ie: Bald Mtn Tower and Bald Mtn Shack. This is not only messy in the gui presentation, it forces additional database entries for no real reason.

It would also be nice to be able to list an AP as a child device of the switch it’s connected to, though that may get complicated, so I won’t insist on it.

Additionally, not every structure we put PTP and PMP radios on is a tower. We’ve often use grain elevators and tall buildings.

Can I suggest relaxing the “tower” concept and making it more flexible. Let us associate whatever cambium equipment we need under it, and name it however we want.



Agree. Not being able to put things where you need/want them (where they actually are), seems kind of crazy. What’s the point of a map, if it’s not accurate?