cnMaestro cannot be installed on VMware Workstation Player 16

Hello everyone…

I am trying to install cnMaestro on-premises version on VMware Workstation Player 16 on Windows 10, but the problem is the digest file does not match the manifest.

Is there any tips that would solve this issue.

Best regards…

Hi Ali Belras Ali,

Could you please share the SHA256 checksum of your downloaded OVA file.

This can be verified by below command
C:>certUtil -hashfile C:\cnmaestro-on-premises_2.4.1-r10_amd64.ova SHA256

If your checksum doesn’t match “95a9eccf914311a4a9ccfbb634251bdfde3934fe8ea1694a057c1345f2d69641” then please re download the OVA and try the deployment again.

Sridhar P