cnMaestro Changes shouldn't disconnect clients

Changes in cnMaestro shouldn’t disconnect users.

Currently any changes to an AP Group or WLAN in cnMaestro Disconnects the users from the AP.
This should be made that most changes will not cause a disconnect.

For Example Changing 1 SSID Should only affect users on that SSID.
and Changing the admin password on the AP’s shouldn’t disconnect all of the users.

Any changes to the SSID configuration require a restart of the radio. If you do this, unfortunately users must be disconnected. Such laws of physics.

Yes to a point there could be some things that might only need a config reload not a radio restart.

Definitely changing the admin password or adding a vlan to a trunk port on the AP shouldn’t need to kick all of the clients.

Every other wireless vendor I know of applies a diff of the config and only kicks users when it is necessary.