cnMaestro - Clear Major Alarms

We have done some work on out network (updating AP's from cnMaestro etc...), we have got some problems but resolved.

Now we still have many alarms from that problems (for exemple "Configuration update failed due to device timeout") and will be very useful CLEAR that messages because they increase over time.

Yes, please! There are useless and senseless alarms!


Kudoed.  We have 37 major alarms in our network of 1300+ devices, of which only 13 are Device Offline alarms that I care about.  The other 24 are either Configuration Update Failed due to Device Timeout or Software File Download Failed (both of which have been resolved, but all alarms remain active.  Some of which shouldn't have even generated in the first place).  It really clutters up the alarm space.

Yes, please!

Agreed. I pushed my template config to freshly elevated radios yesterday, it turned out to be more of a pain to do that via CNMaestro then it was manually, and now I have 12 alarms due to timeouts. I'm almost positive it's because these radios take 3-4 minutes to reconnect to the AP after being rebooted. It was easier to do it manually. 

I don't see how this has not been implemented yet. We have "Configuration Import" and "Software Update" errors that are almost a year old.  It clutters up space and makes the major alarm quantity useless as a means to see how many devices are actually experiencing issues.  In my opinion, these should be Minor alarms anyways to separate them from more imporrtant (At least in my opinion) device offline alarms.  

Bump. I was thinking this would be a good feature and searched Ideas" figuring that I wouldn’t be the first to want this.

Sources of errors that I would like to clear are… 1. “Configuration failed due to device timeout.” 2. Invalid “GPS is out of Sync” alarms for PMP450i APs. (this is a Minor alarm) 3. cnReach “Device is offline” error for devices that are actually online. I have a ticket in for this and Cambium has recognized there is an issue and is working on it.

If alarm reporting worked perfectly there wouldn’t be much need for this feature, but when invalid alarms are present, as a user it would be nice to have more control. Thanks. Don