cnMaestro cloud does not accurately show clients attached to e410

I have a WLAN with 2 e410s. I currently have 3 laptops and 1 android phone wifi connected to the e410s. And, they have been connected for much longer than 5 minutes. Cloud cnMaestro will not show an accurate list of the clients. It never shows the laptops and sometimes will show the android phone as a client. The e410s are running the latest Recommended firmware.

what is the version of cnMaestro you have?

What is the firmware version on E410 units?

cnMaestro cloud refreshes every 5 minutes. If clients disconnected in the meantime I guess it will not show them.

Your Android phone is client so it's ok if it's visible in cnMaestro.

make sure AP's are on the one of the very latest releases.


I tested the issue on e410 with 3.8-r1 build. I connected 3 clients (2 Laptops and 1 Andriod Phone).

It seems on cnMaestro Cloud, all clients information is displayed. Please find the attached screenshot of same.

Is the issue is only with specific clients, please let us know clients detail with which you are observing the issue.

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Sai Krishna