cnMaestro Cloud Updated to 1.2.0

cnMaestro Cloud recently updated to the 1.2.0 release. The changes include the following:

Hierarchical Menu

The hierarchical tree has been enhanced with node-specific actions. This eases tree management, and it adds additional device operations for convenience. The menu is accessed through an icon on the right-side of each node.


The actions available for each node type are as follows:




Add Network


Add a new Network as a child to the System node.

Add Tower


Add a new Tower as a child to the Network node.



Most Nodes

Delete a node from the tree. This is available for all nodes except System and the default Network. Deleted devices are removed entirely from the management system (along with their historical statistics). In order to delete a container, such as a Network, all nodes inside the container must be deleted first.


Most Nodes

Edit the cnMaestro settings, including node name and location. This is available for all nodes except System.



Reboot the device.



Refresh the node in the tree. This refreshes the node and its children only, not the entire tree.

Software Update


Navigate to the Software Update page in context of the current node.

Significant Updates / Fixes




  • Fixed an issue with incorrect alarm count display – primarily for devices. This was leading to an over count of the total number of alarms.
  • Two additional symptoms are that the alarm count and current alarm table were becoming out-of-synch, and device alarms were not getting cleared when the device came back online.

Software Update

  • This page has been reworked to better manage the vertical space of the page.
  • Aligned the sub-grid columns with the main grid.
  • Added search support based upon active version, device name, and device status.

Improved Graphs

  • Integrated a number of changes to the graphs, including improved axis, time range selectors that start at 4 hours, and better presentation.

Selection Memory

  • When a user makes an explicit selection in any of the following pages, the system will remember the selection and maintain it across login sessionss: Statistics, Software Update, Configuration

Remove Unclaim Tab

  • The Operate > Onboard Devices > Unclaim tab has been removed. The Hierarchical Menu should now be used to delete (unclaim) devices from an account 

NAT Management IP

  • Added support to show Management IP for ePMP SMs configured in NAT mode.

Map Zoom

  • Zoom in/out on maps using the mouse wheel (without clicking on the map area)

Chrome Support

  • Fixed UI loading issue with Chrome 53.

On the side tree, click on an SM, then select the performance option above, then click on the device tab in the main frame. It displays ManagementVLAN as Disabled even though it is enabled on the device.

Also on this tab it is showing the LAN ip address of the device I.E  Its logical that this shuld display the WAN Management IP so I can click on it to access the SM.


Thanks for your feedback. We tried to replicate the issue locally in our lab and could see the issue pertaining to Management VLAN being disabled. But at same time, we are able to see the proper WAN Management IP address.

Could you please confirm if you are able to see the proper WAN Management IP address in below UI pages under Monitor menu:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Inventory
  3. Statistics

In either case, please send SM configuration to me via email - for further analysis.