cnMaestro / cnPilot truncate WiFi keys with "equal" sign on it

cnMaestro  2.1.1-r14

cnPilot e410  3.10-r6

Recently I've discovered that cnMaestro truncate the wifi keys with an equal sign on it when you sync configuration-.

Maybe this situation happened when i've installed a fw update, (installing de last one 3.10-r6 doesnt correct the problem), but I'm pretty sure that the bug is in cnMaestro web interface, the update itself doesn`t corrupt the wifi key, you need to change some configuration and sync it.

You can verify the situation in cnMaestro, after changing the Passphrase with "=" sign on it, save change, go to another option and get back to the wifi Passpharse, click the"show" button and you'll se the key is truncated, no need to sync !!!!

The workaround is to change the key directly in the AP and don't sync config anymore.

I need a solution, I have 4 wifi nets with "=" in the key, and 100 Notebooks who connects to AP, so i don't want to change the keys!!!

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Hi Daniel,

Yes, we are aware of and have implemented a fix for this issue in version 2.1.1-r24.  Cloud is still on 2.1.1-r14.  Once the cloud deployments are updated to 2.1.1-r24 you should be able to re-save your wifi keys and have them update correctly.  You will need to actually make some change to your key and Save it for the fix to apply.  When I did this I just disabled Auto-Sync, saved once with an extra character and then again with the correct wifi key and then re-enabled Auto-Sync.

I am unsure of the timeline for when r24 will be deployed but am trying to get more information to report back here.

If you need a work around immediately besides the one you're already using, you could use the User-Defined Overrides to set the wifi key with a static value.  Don't use a ${replacement_variable} as it will have the same issue with the equals sign.

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The fix for this issue will be rolled out to all cloud servers by the end of next week.

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