cnMaestro communication with BS & CPE

Hi All

I am trying to understand the communication between BS/CPE eq. (450m & 450SM) and cnMaestro (On premise).

As shown below, I am running cnMastro virtual server on pc connected to CPE (450sm).

Using wireshark on PC2 (where cnMaestro VM installed) i tried to sniff the traffic and I found "strange" behaivor. 

For e.g. I generate ping from 450SM to  cnMaestro VM (ping option from 450sm web), I was able to "sniff" only the reply but not the ping request .... ,while on the 450sm web I saw the request & response, so I assume that the traffic must be encapsulated somehow. 

I would like to understand the communication between devices and cnMaestro , I read it used WebSocket / TCP to bypass firewalls(in this case I installed it on premise)

I would appriciate your help 

Hi yagobe,

Communication between devices and cnMaestro with regards to management is done over port 443 via a persistant encrypted WebSocket connection.

For debug tools on the device itself this may not apply.  These tools should work the same with or without cnMaestro actually running.  Do you see this same "strange" behavior running Wireshark without cnMaestro running or on a separate PC?