cnMaestro Dashboard

Hi Team,

It would be great in dashboard if when you selected PMP SM's that are down it showed what AP they were last connected too.

Once you select the "Down" device button (red circle) it takes you to the system inventory which shows the following:

Health: Device, Type, IP Address, Health, Serial Number, Decription, Onboarded, Actions.

Maintenance: Device, Type, IP Address, Active S/W Version, Onboarded, Actions.

Adding the AP they connect to would be a great addition to help identify issues that may be missed for some reason by events, when multiple SM's are offline and on the same AP you generally know you have a issue with a AP.

An example would be that one of my AP's lost GPS sync today and it was not identified by cnMaestro (why I wonder?) I only discovered my corporate clients were offline after a few disgruntled calls.

While I am here could you also please check why cnMaestro never reported the GPS had lost sync and booted my clients off. Pretty important peice of reporting there.

Emilio: More than happy for you to remote in and check why if it is something that should be reported.

Edit: Also the ability to right click and select open new windown on a SM/AP would be great. For instance I have 7 offline right now and it would be great to be able to open them all up and see what the go is rather than open 1 and than rinse and repeat.

Hi Chris,

You can check which AP the SMs are connected to by selecting the System/Network in which down devices are there and then going to Monitor->Statistics grid and selecting the device type as PMP SM. In the statictsics grid from the top right corner change the view to wireless and select the option for Connected AP after clicking on the column chooser.

This statistics grid will have more details about all the devices , hence you can check most of the parameters from here.

Ummm no, I think you are missing my point.....

If you select Monitor Your Netork.

 Then on the Dashboard go to where it says: Point-to-Multipoint SM, under this it will show total units, than in the big red circle it states the number of devices that are offline, you then click on this big red circle.

It will take you to Inventory System.

On this page it shows all the units on the System that are offline only.

I would like to see what AP's these are connected to on this page..

The only options on this page are Health and Maintenance, and neither lists which AP they connect too.

Please replicate this and you will see what I mean.

When you do it your way and it displays every device on the newtork it shows the connected AP's MAC address (only after selecting the option).. That aint the best idea, the SSID of the AP or atleast the Device name would be a great option for easy recognition.

Hi Chris,

I got the point and we will take this as a enhancement request and will try to make the necessary changes

Thanks KR :)

Hi Chris,

Are there any GPS related events in the Monitor -> Notifications -> Events tab? Please attach a screenshot if you do see any.

We have two GPS event types but only one is also treated as an alarm.  We may need to elevate the other one to be treated as an alarm as well.

The next time this occurs I will gather the info and pass it along.

Any GPS-related event should still exist in the Events tab from the last occurance.  If there are too many to sort through you can do a search to filter on GPS Categories.  We'd be interested in "GPS Sync Status" and "GPS Sync".