cnMaestro data collection?

We've been running the on-premises cnMaestro for several months, and it's pretty neat, but I was wondering - are there plans to expand the range of data points to monitor?

For instance, it would be incredibly useful to have cnMaestro capture Ethernet Statistics data  - the PMP450 SM does not store that data past a power-cycle, but being able to find out that an SM saw a ton of Ethernet Link Lost/Detected Events and CRC errors before the customer power-cycled would be incredibly useful. Likewise, keeping the  signal level and modulation data is terrific, but tracking on other data, such as Signal Strength Ratio or S/N ratio, or tracking the number of times the session dropped (not from an SM or AP reboot) would be a great diagnostic tool.

I'm not opposed to the idea of those kinds of customizable features only being part of the Pro edition, but allowing the users to make their own determination of what data they think is important to track for their devices would open up a whole new frontier of troubleshooting.

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Thanks for the suggestions -- they are well-timed. We are in the process of reviewing our current data collection and presentation and defining how to enhance them moving forward. I think all of these would be good additions, and I will add them to our list.