cnMaestro device count increased

The number of ePMP AP/SM devices that can be supported in cnMaestro has been increased from 100 to 250. 


Yheaaaa!! thanks a lot!!


Hi Emilio,

Good to hear that, when should we expect the cnMaestro as a standalone NMS?

Any update as to when the next increase might be expected? We just maxed out the current limit of 250. Thanks!

Any update as of yet on the next increase?

what happens when you max the devices? WIll it just not let you onboard anymore? Or do they onboard but don't get monitored?

They will  be added to the Onboarding Queue, but they cannot be accepted. This is only a limit for ePMP devicces.

I need to onboard like 500 devices and adding more everyday, when will I be able to do that.

We will update soon about the next increase


We are pleased to announce new limit today for managing ePMP devices in cloud.


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Cambium Cloud has been extended to support up-to 4,000 devices per Company Account. Every account has default limit of 500 ePMP devices to manage, to grow beyond the default limit, please contact Cambium Support Team.


Why is there a limit?