cnMaestro - Device not showing up

Hi.  We had a client with a Force 200 that we connected and onboarded her device fine.  Then, a wind came through and bent her mast (with the solid dish) and we switched her to a ePMP1000 & a 22 dBi grid for higher signal and for lower windloading, and we onboarded that SM fine.

Now we have re-used her old Force200 for a different customer, on a different tower, but the device doesn't show up in our cnMaestro, and in the SM it just says 'Device Not Claimed'.

I'm assuming cnMaestro is confused because it was previously claimed, and I'm assuming I need to tell cnMaestro to 'fugget 'bout it somehow?

OK, I got this resolved.

What I did was to go into the Force200 SM that was sitting saying 'Device Not Claimed' and I disabled it's cnMaestro / Remote Management setting.  I rebooted the SM, and when it came back online, I re-enabled (and re-entered it's ID/KEY) and saved/rebooted with that... and viola, it showed up as 'Onboardable' in cnMaestro.