cnMaestro dont connect to cnpilot E410 but its appear in the page of cnmaestro

Good morning,

I have a problem with cnpilot and cnmaestro, in the begining its works fine after 1 week i cant connect since cnmaestro to cnpilot.

can anyone help me?


May be a firmare's problem?

Try to update E410 firmware.

Could you please do following troubleshoot steps:

  1. Is AP IP pingable from network.
  2. Could you please open GUI from "INCOGNITO mode" of browser
  3. Could you SSH to AP

If 1st and 3rd are "yes" and 2nd is "no", please share tech-support of AP at that instance via SSH. From SSH, you can use CLI command "export tech-support". Help for the command is available on device.

Please email me at

Thank You.