cnMaestro - Enterprise / cnPilot APs - display which ePSK is being used for a connected client device

cnMaestro currently does not show you which specific ePSK a given client is connected with.

This makes any sort of accounting / usage info almost fully worthless, since you can’t sort by ePSK or filter by ePSK or anything like that.

The various tables / lists showing connected clients need to display which ePSK is in use for each client. We already have to supply a “User Name” for each ePSK, so why is that information not being displayed currently? I don’t even necessarily need to see the actual PSK itself displayed in tables - just the “User Name” would be fine.

Did u mean show info like this?
this is when we use guest pw.

Yes, that would be workable… but that column stays blank when you are using ePSK. :confused:

maybe u can check release note on ur firmware. i read few have probs with with epsk but forgot which one. :wink: cuz we have done on really large user separating staff and guest only not like yours but the user column will show the info. Unfortunately we didnt have the screenshot to show you that epsk is working showing the user column info since the event already over and the site already change setting ;(

Agreed with this.
Find it a bit daft why the epsk username isn’t shown or isn’t a selectable field.