cnMaestro Error for the Free Wifi Time Remaining


I create a WiFi Free for 10 minutes. However when i sign in into the Free WiFi, At the session page, i saw that my remaining time for the device is 8h++. May i know which go wrongly?

Is the time correctly set on the device you're using to view the web GUI? If yes, can you please verify the time on your cnmaestro installation - you'll need to log in to the shell on the VM and run the "date" command. To access the shell follow the steps in section of the Quick Start guide and select shell on the operations page. 

The error you're seeing could occur if either the correct UTC time is not set on the  cnmaestro installation, or the time and timezone are not correct on the device running the web browser you're using.

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After adjusted the UTC for the ubuntu server, the time remaining shown correctly. Thank you