CnMaestro fails to update

I have Version 1.2.2-r3 installed. I tried to install 1.3.0-r5 and it failed. Now it continues to monitor properly, but I cannot export data or update the server, even from command line. From the GUI it says to contact customer support, from the cli it says "command not found" when I run "sudo cnmaestro-hotfix cnmaestro-package_1.3.0-r5.tar.gz". When I run "sudo cnmaestro-export" it errors out on

"Failed to get cnmaestro verison Version: 1.3.0-r5-noc-7

Config-Version: 1.3.0-r5-noc-7"

Even though my GUI says I am running 1.2.2-r3.

Any ideas? Thanks so much!

Hi reighbread,

I would request you to install 1.3.0R7 with 1.2.2, this  should get your issue resolved.

I would, but that is why I created this thread. It won't update. It errors out and I've attached the error it gives me.

edit: It also will not export data