cnMaestro - feature request - bridge table

It would be great if cnMaestro would ingest the bridge table from managed devices.  This would make it easy to search for a customer-owned mac address and locate what CPE it sits behind.


Yes this would be helpful when using cnMaestro as a troubleshooting tool versus logging into the CPE

I 100% support this feature request!  I have been toying with the idea of an snmp poller, but it would be great if cnMaestro maintained the bridging tables.  I would also want the option of using API's or SQL to pull the data out of cnMaestro for use in other tools; potentially...

Linking the MAC addresses of end devices with ARP tables from the upstream routers would be a great way to track down clients by MAC and/or IP address.

Bumping this topic as this feature would be helpful in tracking down improperly configured equipment in a layer 2 network as well.

+1 this feature would help when the CPE isn’t cnPilot.

I’d also like to see this info for Subscriber Modules in cnMaestro - this would be handy for troubleshooting. I’d also like to see the ethernet status of a SM. Unexpected port speed e.g. 10Mbps is usually a good indicator of something wrong with the data cable.