cnMaestro for PMP gear unreliable

We have two “cloud” cnMaestro instances - one for ePMP gear and one for our 450 (mostly CBRS) gear. The instance with all of the 450 gear reports outages regularly that haven’t occurred. For example, this afternoon it is reporting that multiple APs and SMs have gone offline and come back, which hasn’t actually happened. Statistics are obviously wrong in cnMaestro as well, when it comes to session time, etc.

Has anyone else experienced this flaky behavior with cnMaestro managing 450 gear? It seems to work well enough for ePMP gear. I have ePMP and 450 gear at the same sites, BTW, it’s only the PMP 450 gear that has these random false outage notifications.

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I’ve narrowed down that the only radios that cnMaestro falsely alarms regularly on are running 21.0. It appears that the longer the radio uptime is, the more frequently cnMaestro claims there are outages. The radios exhibiting this all are also exhibiting the uptime bug in 21.0.

I’ll try to upgrade this entire sector to 21.1 Beta 5 and see if that makes the notifications any more reliable.

Thanks for your posts.