cnMaestro graphs request

Is there currently a way or any plans to make more than a weeks worth of historical data available.  I run an on-premesis version of cnMaestro, and it has plenty of space available.  I would like to see three months worth of graphs, but at least make 1 month available.

Thank you


Yes, there is a plan to maintain historical data for more than a week(up to 1 year) and it will be part of the cnMaetro Pro version. Currently, the Pro version is tentatively planned by Q4-2019.


Hi. It need to be MORE than a year.  At least 13 months, if not 18 month's.  This is critically important when you actually run a WISP.

So often, problems are seasonally or weather related... what happened last year in June when the trees got their leaves?  What happened last year in December when all the kids where home for Christmas?

Having 1 year is certainly better than 1 week or 1 month... but if it's only 1 year, then when the customer calls on June 15th and say's it's been acting wonky for the last couple weeks, yes - we can look at his June 1-15th this year, but his June 1-15th from last year is already gone. And most frustrating, with 12 month's of graphs, that info was stored all year until 'almost' when we needed, and it's actually just just JUST been deleted - just before it was needed to help diagnose a problem.  We OFTEN need the previous couple weeks or the previous couple month's from last year this time... so we need 13-14 month's at the very least, and preferably 16 or 18 month's of data if we're really going to be able to use it for troubleshooting.

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Hi, is there any date for the release?