Cnmaestro historical data limitations.

I have been playing with the CnMaestro "cloud"version for a while.

My number 1 problem with it is the one week limit on historical data.

Does the "on-premises" version have this limitation too? If so, are there plans to fix it?

Hi Guilherme,

Yes, on premises version also has 1 week limitation.

Currently we are not sure about this if it will get increased in the future release but you can surely put this idea in the Ideas section of this forum.


Mahip Neema

30 days of histroy would be very helpful. We have customers that will call in well after a week to report an issue. Obviously by that time, the data is gone.

YES - it used to have 1 week and 1 month settings, which was OK (but really still not enough).  However, at some point, the 1 month option disappeared and that's limits functionality very much.

I would have thought the development would have been the other direction - 1 week, 1 month and then develop it to 1 year.  For us, we really need to have 1 year (preferably 13 months) of data to see seasonal signal and usage trends.  To be able to compare what happened last year this time for a client (although again, you really need 13 month's to be able to see any 'trend' from last year this same time).

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 1 year would be ideal because you could see the trend of areas where leaves come off the trees and regrow. 

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>1 year would be ideal because you could see the trend of areas where leaves come off the trees and regrow.

Yes, but for us...   12 month's isn't quite quite enough.  It'd be better to have 13 months at least, since we are often doign the same thing (looking to see the trend for leaf growth and signal) and if it's June 20th 2017, you don't only need to see from June 21st 2016 in order to see a trend.  You really need the last year, plus an extra month or so in order to be able to see the trend.  I'd say 13 months at a minimum, but about 16 months would be idea.

Yea one week is kind of useless....      at least 1 year would be nice.

If storage data useage is a concern, at least let us change the settings based on capture interval....  Like:

1 year for weekly interval

1 month for 24hr interval

1 week for hourly interval

1 day for min interval 

or something like that.

Actually all of the data is not gone! It's there, taking up space and making backups enormous...

Previously cambium support had to remote in to reduce the size of the mongo database so I could run a backup before upgrade to v2.1

Given that my data store has grown again to ~1.4GB in size I geuss it is still retaining all historical data so it would be really nice to be able to view it...