cnMaestro Hosted Guest Access

I’m trying to setup a guest access on cnMaestro. It worked at the office not problem. But once I deployed it at the customer site I can’t get the portal page to show up.

If I remove the guest access and just do either open or WPA it works great, devices connect and can get out to the internet.

I can see my device pulling an IP so I know that part works. Do I have to whitelist anything for it work?

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Anyone have any great ideas?

I can’t be the only one having this issue.

Hi CampComm,

  1. Are you using cnMaestro On-Premises or cnMaestro Cloud?
  2. When you say you are not getting the portal page, are you getting any error? If so, please share the screen shot.
  3. If you are using cnMaestro cloud pls invite as super admin.

Raja M

The error is the screenshot I sent in the last message
I just invited you.

Hi CampComm,

  1. Have you used the same AP group while testing at your office and deployment?
  2. Can you please try now?. We have just created VLAN 1 as its mandatory for now.

Raja M