cnMaestro incorrectly reporting pmp 450 Subscriber Modules as offline

Does anyone else have this problem using the cloud?

Sometimes I will see a SM showing offline with an alarm, (today I see almost every SM connected to 1 specific AP).  I will click on the SM and see that the R201P router is not offline.  I can access it and everything.  Why do I have so many incorrect alarms and notifications saying subscriber modules are offline when they really aren't?  When I happened to click on that AP and saw all of the subscriber modules red I almost panicked lol.

Can this be fixed in cnMaestro?

This alarm references if a device is connected to cnMaestro or not.  It is possible that a device may still be up and successfully passing traffic without being connected to cnMaestro.

Are the devices with the active offline alarms also shown as being "Offline" in their cnMaestro dashboards?  What firmware are these devices running?  What firmware is the AP running?