cnMaestro - Limitation and licence

Hello everyone! Can someone tell me if there any equipment limitation or if there are some licence to use the cnMaesto cloud.cambiumnetworks because I read all documentation and doesn't say anything about limitation. In the company that I work we give support to clients that have epmp 1000 and I have interest to test the cloud to administrate them. But I don't want to discovere that I can't add all equipment because we are limited by the software.



Hi, Jorge,

The cnMaestro Cloud today is free, currently there is a limitation of up to 250 ePMP can be managed per account. We are working to unlift this limiation in next couple month, which will allow more devices to be managed per account.

for cnMaestro cloud, ultimatelly there wil lbe two level of service. cnMaestro Basic and cnMaestro Pro. All services/features on cnMaestro Basic will free of charge. For customer who want the features on Pro, it will be charged. Details will be revealed when time get closer.