cnMaestro - Limiting users access to specified configuration templates

I've created a pile of templates over the last while to do various things.  I'd like to make access to them limited (especially the "example" templates!) based on user's privilege level (or role or whatever you call it.)

For example:  A template that changes a SM's QOS settings could be available right down to users with "Operator" privilege.  A template that configures an SM's default color codes would be availble only as low as "Administrator".  And, for me when I'm working on testing a new config, maybe even being able to set a template to be usable only by my user account would be nice as well.

This would clean this menu up for the lower tier staff who just want to configure a customers QOS.  Even if it was just as simple "visible to other users" boolean flag, that'd be an improvement.

Note:  The screen where we can view and edit templates has the ability to hide "examples" and only show custom templates.  This, as far as I can tell, does not apply to the menu where you apply a configuration to a device.