cnMaestro Managed Services and cnWave

Is there anyway to assign a cnWave deployment to to a managed account other than base infrastructure?

We have a deployment using on-board E2E and the client wishes to be able to see the status of the radios via his managed account.


We don’t support MSP for 60 GHz cnWave devices in our current release.

It’s already planned as part of our roadmap which is scheduled for end of Q2.

Can I get an update on where this is on the roadmap? I have customer’s requesting cnWave visibility in their MSP accounts.

We are adding MSP support in 3.2.0 for cnWave – but it will be BETA

Doesn’t look like it was added in 3.2.0, is it planned for the next one?

We have added MSP support in 3.2.0 itself.
From the e2e network using Tree Menu, click edit


Under that if you have MSP enabled, you can move the network into MSP account