cnMaestro Managed Services Cloud Beta Availability

cnMaestro Managed Services Cloud Beta

We have enabled the Managed Services Cloud Beta application from the cnMaestro header. It should be visible after login to

Managed Services

The Managed Services feature allows one to separate a single cnMaestro account into multiple Tenant accounts, which can then be assigned to external Tenant administrators. These accounts are fully owned by the Tenant users, and they are presented a branded UI for login access.


In order to enter the beta, you need to provide the name of a Company Account that will be moved to the beta servers. Because the beta only supports cnPilot Enterprise devices (cnPilot E-Series), we will only transfer accounts that are empty or have cnPilot Enterprise devices. At a later time we will open the beta to cnPilot Home, ePMP, and PMP.

Once an account enters the beta, it cannot be moved back to production until after the beta completes. So we recommend using a prototype/test Company Account.


The beta documentation is attached to this posting. Please see the cnMaestro Beta Community for future notices.


In January and February we will extend the Managed Services beta to support an On-Premises version as well as ePMP, PMP, and cnPilot Home devices.