cnMaestro Management System Billing Intergration

I looked for someone posting on the new cloud system and billing integration.  I have not seen any post and think it is imperative that we can get some 3rd party integration ASAP.  The ability to seamlessly sync would be great.  We use 2 products today for our billing. 

For the majority of our billing we use Connectwise and for some of our ISP billing we use Platypus.  We have been trying to find a way to collapse the ISP billing back to Connectwise but it does not support Radius.  Connectwise has a robust helpdesk, configuration database and billing but just does not support the legacy.  They also have pre-built APIs already in use for this for many other 3rd party apps so I bet it would be easy to do. 

We use Reflexion Anti Spam and Intronis Backup which both support billing integration to Connectwise. 

i already psoted about quickbooks. what were you thinking

I would like to see an API developed or opened for management platforms to gather information from an on-premesis cnmaestro server.  It would allow billing platforms and/or internal developed apps the ability to display data that is relevant to a customer.  It would also allow a customer the access to his/her chart for the last week and/or expose info to a customer.