CnMaestro MAP

I noticed a few updates back that a satelite view was no longer possible on the map section of cnmaestro. This was a valuable option as it allows for exact placement of locations. Being able to show my installers exactly where they need to go rather then a rough location saves time and money. Also the map refresh is 2-5 sec. so when looking at the map it would refresh the page and default back to the top down streep map from the satelite and I would have to change it back again. Having satelite view back would be great. I would like to be able to re-arrange the network listing, currently it is network/site/ap and the router groups are seperate. I would like to be able to drag the router group under the site so that it is in the same listing as the APs. The ability to right click the map and add a site, tower, etc directly to the specified location would make things easier