CNMaestro Maximum number of AP's supported on the cloud controler

Hi guys

I'm working on a solution for a retail client that need access points for over 2000 stores. That will be 1 to 2 AP's per store. Is there an AP limit for the free cloud controler? 


Based on Allen Yu, product management of cnMaestro's, statements:

"for cnMaestro Cloud customers, it is free

See THIS post for additional information.

Thanks, so it's only the free on-premise that has an AP cap?

The article doesn't mention a cap for cloud.

+1 Eric.

Thanks for reaching out. As Eric says, our cloud controller and our On-premises can handle 2,000 APs with multiple administrator capabilities. I have asked our sales manager for the region to get in touch. 

Is there some limitation for a number of users in both platforms? Is free version can be uses in a case when I have 600 APs and 30000 users simultaneosuly?