cnmaestro Moving devices from one network to another within the same system

I have onboarded two epmp 2000 into cnMaestro.  However, they are in the default network within the system.  How can I move them to another network within the system.  Also, can I rename the defaut network?


In the left-side device tree you can click the options button (three dots) to the right of the device name to Edit the device.  This will let you change the device's Network and Tower/Site.  This can also be done during onboarding before approval with one of the options in the Configure column.

To add new Networks, Tower or Sites you can similarly click the options button in the left-side device tree at the System and Network level to Add new containers.  This can also be done via the Manage -> Organize screen using the top menu.

The default network cannot be renamed.

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When I  click on the options button for the SM in the left-side tree and select Edit, it does not allow me to change anything but the device's name and location. I have spent a lot of time fruitlessly searching for a way to assign SMs to Network/Tower/Sites - it can't be done from Monitor, and even under Manage>Organize, it only displays  Towers, but there is no way to assign a new site to a Tower.

Ypu also cannot manually assign a site to a tower within the onboarding screen. Those values are not accessible in the edit screen under Configuration there.

SMs are automatically placed under the AP to which they are registered.  They cannot be moved manually.

Sites can only be placed under Networks.  They cannot be placed under Towers.  Only wi-fi devices can be placed within a Site.

This is all by design.  Can you explain the goals you are trying to achieve with these items you've highlighted so we can better understand your needs?