cnMaestro on Premise. cnPilot onboarded but not displayed on the network


we have a cnMaestro on premise (Version 2.4.1-r10), we taken onboard a new cnPilot e410 (
We approve its onboard request. Onboarded was complete with some errors (due to configuration not supported in old 3.x firmware).

Now in our Monitor network this new cnPilot doesn’t appear in its Network/Site, If I search for his MAC Address or Serial Number I can found it, but not delete it nor apply any configuration/firmware upgrade because “Error device doesn’t exist”.

It’s seems it’s “half onboarded”, but I can’t delete from my network because not presente and can’t onboarde again because already present.

Lots of information missing:

  1. are you using vlans? If so can you reach the cnpilot using a web browser?
  2. what errors did you get? These are in the onboarding report.
  3. did the cnpilot actually reboot after onbording? It may need a power cycle, shouldnt but sometimes they do.
  4. can you ping the cnpilot and if you can access the web page, can you ping the cnMaestro server?

Hi Douglas,

my fault, I didn’t explain my problem very well.

  1. AP isn’t he problem, I can reach it.
  2. the problem is that AP is ONBOARDED (if I search In my network I find it), but it isn’t displayed anywhere.
  3. if I search for It (and found it) and try to apply any change in the configuration I got an error with “Device doesn’t exist”

Thank you

If you have tested the network connectivity between the radio and cnMaestro and back and are happy it is not a network issue then it is a cnMaestro issue.

Do you assign radios to specific networks in cnMaestro? If so, you may not have admin control in your profile. You can join that network as an admin and then move the radio to the correct network to have access to it. Keep in mind that being the admin of cnMaestro does not mean you are the admin under all networks shown in cnMaestro, I learned this the hardway.

You could ssh in and work with pgsql directly to remove the radio from the database, but I would only consider this if 1) I had a complete database dump that is seconds old and 2) I had Cambium support on the phone to ensure all of the correct fields were removed and the correct ones were left behind to ensure proper operation of the database.