cnMaestro On-premise OVA Upgrade

We do not have cnMaestro in production yet, so I thought a great time to hash out our upgrade plans for when we have data to actually panic over.

I am curious if anyone foresees an issue with keeping the old OVA server on hand with a different IP address. Our process that we are testing now (we have a separate dept that makes our VMs, so kind of a pain)

1. Export data from existing server A

2. Have the other dept spin up a new VM, server B, with a different IP address

3. Import data from server A to server B - this would essentially give us two servers with the same data set, but only server A can be reached by devices

4. Stop the service on server A and B, swap IP addresses then start services.

This would in essence give us a backup server we can access if we had an issue with the new version or wanted to compare data.

Definatley no problems with your upgrade plans.

We already do what you have planned :)