cnMaestro On Premise Says "Preparing to Update - R-200 & ePMP Radios"

We have been moving some our R200 routers and ePMP radios from the cnMaestro Cloud to a new On Premises cnMaestro server that we just set up. 

In CnMaestro On-Presmises - on the Operate, Onboard Devices, Onboard Page and in the Status column - why does some of the devices say "Preparing To Update"?   They just sit there in that state for some period of time, perhaps overnight. 

All of the R-200 routers and ePMP radios that we are moving have been registered on the cnMaestro Cloud Server for many months. 

All R-200 routers have had the latest firmware in them (4.3.2 R4) and all ePMP radios have had the latest firmware in them (3.5) for many weeks before the move. 

I assume that something is being transferred to (or from) each device where this message is showing up.   If it is, it is taking a long time to "do its thing". 

Probably 10% of the devices are showing this message.  90% of the devices show up on the page immediately and are ready to "On Board". 

What is going on with the "Preparing To Update"?  Might this mean we need a second reboot of each device?


What version of cnMaestro On-premises are you running?  

One of the team engineers will contact you offline.