cnMaestro On-Premises 2.2.1-r32 CPU Utilization Issues - Unable to downgrade

Hello, ever since we upgraded our On-Premises cnMaestro installation to 2.2.1-r32, it has been locking up with 100% CPU Utilization.  We would like to downgrade it to see if the firmware is really what's causing the issue (Or if we are just running out of resources), but we receive the following error on trying to downgrade to 2.1.1-r14

I have forwarded this to our support and development teams.

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Thank you Ray.


Could you please email me the techsupport dump from the server? we will analyse and provide our suggestions. 
My email address: 

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Thank you Kumar, I've emailed you with the techsup file as well as a graph showing high CPU utilization.

What was the outcome here? I’m having 100% usage on a new install of cnMaestro 3.0.0 r18

load averages are up to 45.

How much RAM/CPU on the vm and how many devices are in cnMaestro?

CPU: Xeon E5335 (4 of 8 cores assigned)

Iv’e installed 2.4.1-r10 and the load averages are down to 15-20, obviously still way too high.

I recall in prior versions of cnMaestro the swap would slowly creep up and load would rise. Had to reboot about once a week. Haven’t had as many issues on 2.4.1.