CnMaestro On-Premises onboarding

I am using CnMaestro On-Premises 2.4.1 version.
Kindly give me the solution for my following points.

1.How to remove the Subscriber module(PMp 450i) which is now showing under a AP( PMP450m)

2.Is there any possibility to onboard a same SM device under 2AP(One AP is main and another one is Backup).At a time the SM can show live under one AP and offline under another one AP.

Note: Due to some official restriction i cannot upgrade the cnMaestro version.

To delete an SM in cnMaestro:

  1. Click the wrench (Manage)
  2. Select the AP, expand the customer list, and select the customer
  3. On selection, three dots (…) appear next to the name in the list. Click that and select Delete

Alternate AP:
In the SM, Configuration->Radio->Additional Color Codes. Add multiple color codes (primary, secondary, etc). Then when the SM switches to the other AP, it will pick up in cnMaestro on the next polling interval.

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Thank u mr.rnelson.

Deleting the node is clear.

But, my second question is not switching from one AP to another AP. Thats fine,i am not facing any issue to switch a subscriber from one AP to another.

My doubt is,when a subscriber switch from Main AP to Standby… it should show offline in Main AP dropdownlist and online in standby AP dropdown list.

Is there any option to configure like above

Ah that I do not know. I am only aware that cnMaestro switches the customer to the new AP. This would be a nice feature to see how long they stay on the secondary AP (or what the original AP was). Hopefully someone from Cambium can answer if this feature exists.

Hi Prabakaran and rnelson – this feature does not exist in cnMaestro: the parent AP is the one in use when the SM connects to cnMaestro. I forwarded the request to the PMP team, and they agree with its value. We are adding it to our backlog: notify the user when the current AP is not the preferred AP. I do not have a specific release for this yet, but it looks like it will become part of a larger fixed wireless feature rollout in the first part of 2022.