cnMaestro On-Premises RESTful API Beta Access

cnMaestro On-Premises has begun a controlled beta for device monitoring using a new RESTful API. The beta software is released as an update package that can be installed on a cnMaestro 1.4.0 virtual machine (or installed over a 1.5.0 package upgrade). If you are interested in participating, and you are willing to provide feedback on your experience, please apply on-line by clicking the Beta icon in the cnMaestro header.

This initial API release leverages OAauth 2.0 and is targeted towards device monitoring. It provides access to inventory, statistics, performance, event, and alarm data.


Probably interested, but our cnMaestro on-premises, v1.5.0-r12, doesn't have a header like the one you show, nor can I find a 'Beta' icon/link anywhere...


Hi newkirk -- good point. The link should be available at after you log in.

How do we sign up for the onpremise API test? The link you postered was for cloud based.

Whoops... found it!

We would very much like Beta Access. We are on-premise and are ready to utilize some of the functions immediately.

Did I miss the boat on the Beta version.

It seems that these options for the API,etc will be for the paid version.

This is now released with our latest On-Premises OVA version 1.6.1-r10

Any plans to release any other API endpoints? We use many different vendors for our wireline solutions and we would like APIs to provision Cambium devices. Currently, we have several different systems and we are creating a unified portal that will pull data from all the APIs, what we need now is a way to write to add devices to the cnMaestro server.

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Hi ceaser,

Currently we support Monitoring API only. We will raise a feature request for Provisioning APIs and the engineering team will take it up in the future releases.



We are working on the onboarding API and basic device override configuration too.

Will keep posted once its release ready.

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