cnMaestro On-Premises Updated to 1.2.1

cnMaestro On-Premises has been updated to the 1.2.1 release. The OVA and documentation are available for download from the Support Center website. This release adds PMP support as well as features, fixes, and enhancements highlighted below.

cnMaestro Cloud will support PMP in the next couple weeks.

PMP Support

The following features are available for the PMP 450i, PMP 450, PMP 430 SM, PTP 450, and PTP 450i. PMP 450m is not currently supported in cnMaestro.

  • Hierarchical Dashboards: Visualize your devices from tower to edge with customized dashboards for each device type.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting: Display tower-to-edge status in a single graphic.
  • Notifications: View immediate status with stateful alarms, and troubleshoot customer issues by filtering on alarm history and reviewing events.
  • Device Inventory: Access your devices at the system level, or by network, tower, or sector. Device data can be exported in PDF or CSV formats.
  • Statistics and Trending: View historical radio and network statistics.
  • Bulk Image Upgrade: Upgrade the software images in a sector or across sectors in a single job. Queue upgrade jobs during the day, so they can be run in the evening, when the network is less utilized.
  • Template-Based Configuration: Push configuration to single devices or to groups of devices across your network using templates.
  • SM Zero Touch Onboarding: SMs connecting to an AP managed by cnMaestro will automatically be added to the cnMaestro account.

Hierarchical Menu

The hierarchical tree has been enhanced with node-specific actions. This eases tree management, and it adds additional device operations for convenience. The menu is accessed through an icon on the right-side of each node.


The actions available for each node type are as follows:




Add Network


Add a new Network as a child to the System node.

Add Tower


Add a new Tower as a child to the Network node.



Most Nodes

Delete a node from the tree. This is available for all nodes except System and the default Network. Deleted devices are removed entirely from the management system (along with their historical statistics). In order to delete a container, such as a Network, all nodes inside the container must be deleted first.


Most Nodes

Edit the cnMaestro settings, including node name and location. This is available for all nodes except System.



Reboot the device.



Refresh the node in the tree. This refreshes the node and its children only, not the entire tree.

Software Update


Navigate to the Software Update page in context of the current node.

Significant Updates / Fixes




  • Fixed an issue with incorrect alarm count display – primarily for devices. This was leading to an over count of the total number of alarms.
  • Two additional symptoms are that the alarm count and current alarm table were becoming out-of-synch, and device alarms were not getting cleared when the device came back online.

Software Update

  • This page has been reworked to better manage the vertical space of the page.
  • Aligned the sub-grid columns with the main grid.
  • Added search support based upon active version, device name, and device status.

Improved Graphs

  • Integrated a number of changes to the graphs, including improved axis, time range selectors that start at 4 hours, and better presentation.

Selection Memory

  • When a user makes an explicit selection in any of the following pages, the system will remember the selection and maintain it across login sessionss: Statistics, Software Update, Configuration

Remove Unclaim Tab

  • The Operate > Onboard Devices > Unclaim tab has been removed. The Hierarchical Menu should now be used to delete (unclaim) devices from an account 

NAT Management IP

  • Added support to show Management IP for ePMP SMs configured in NAT mode.

Map Zoom

  • Zoom in/out on maps using the mouse wheel (without clicking on the map area)

Chrome Support

  • Fixed UI loading issue with Chrome 53.

Is there not a way to track RSSI historically?  Thats huge for us and probably in the top three most important features.  For instance, we just had a hurricane go through here and I went to check the prior RSSI last week in order to see if the dish is out of alignment and there is no RSSI history..   Or is there a way and I missed it?  Thanks


The Performance section tracks RSSI (uplink and downlink) for Subscriber Modules. An example is below.

Any chance the retention period of RSSI graphing can be extended? A week is just not enough. However, A month would be perfect. 2 weeks atleast.

An example use case for us.

Being on the Florida east coast. We just had Hurricane Matthew roll through. The disaster recovery process is just now coming to a close, And normal operation is returning. A week since the hurricane hit.

Today, I went to investigate any customers that might have had moment of their CPE device due to high winds. And was surprised to find no data from prior to the storm. Making the RSSI graph useless for my specific use case.

2 Weeks would've fixed this problem for me. A month (What UBNT's Aircontrol will do) would be even better.

I have just added my first PMP450i sector with subs earlier today, and I am not getting any information on the graphs as far as Throughput, Modulation, and Signal.  I have successfully onboarded the devices and they are responding, I just must be missing a step somewhere as the graphs just tell me "Not Data Available.

I agree with Nick, needs to have more historical data.  Is that possible?

I haven't see Alarms only Events with PTP450.

Based on your events you shouldn't have any Alarms.  Status Down alarms are only logged if a device is offline for at least 5 minutes.  This prevents false positives since the management connection can sometimes drop even if the device is still up.  Your PTP450 was offline for only 1 second each time according to the events.  There is some delay before the device-cnMaestro connection times out if it is not closed gracefully, which may explain the short time between offline and online.

If alarms are raised, they are moved to the Alarm History tab once they are cleared.  Once a device comes back online the Status Down alarm would clear.  Are there any alarms in the Alarm History tab?

Thanks, after 5 minutes Alarms comes up.

I have an other problem with IP address visualization. CnMaestro shows hyperlink one of our two test equipment but the configurations are the same.

Is one device a master and the other is the slave?  Which device is which?  Are both devices using the same IP settings except for the IP?

Yes, 1696 is the master without any problem and 1017 is the slave with IP link problem.

Any other IP configuration (VLAN, Mask, GW ) are the same.

"lanIp": "", "lanMask": "", "lanGateway": "",

"lanIp": "", "lanMask": "", "lanGateway": "",

Thanks for the information.  We will try to reproduce this locally and create a fix if required.  I've created ticket CNSSNG-4141 to track this.

Hi csblazsovics.  As of 1.6.0 the issue with PTP450 Slave IPs being shown as has been fixed.