cnMaestro On Premises - Will Not Update To Latest Firmware on R-200 Routers

As we are aware, cnMaestro Cloud will not update the firmware on the R-200 routers without failing.   From what I recently read in the forum, that is a known problem that is supposed to be corrected in the next major release of cnMaestro.

On to other things....

cnMaestro OnPremises will also NOT update the firmware on R-200 routers without failing.  When attempting to go from 4.2.3- R4 to 4.3.2-R4, it comes back failed. 

The Upgrade Status column gives an error message that says "Version applied was 4.3.2-R4 and device came with 4.2.3-R4"

Good deduction on cnMaestro's part.  We knew that before we started.

Is this going to be fixed in the next release of cnMaestro?

Hi Danny,

Yes we are already on top of this issue, and it will be fixed in the next major release of cnMaestro (mostly 1.6.0)