cnMaestro onbarding on cnMaestro Premesis ver. Beta.

I have the following question reference onboarding Wifi devices such as the E500 and E400 in mesh mode.  The device gets onboarded but does not add itself below the parent device(one level up)..  The break down is as follows;

Network-Twr-AP-SM-E500.   When I add a E400 as mesh unit it does not go below the E500.  Any suggestions or is this a bug that occurs with the SW?  It falls parallel to the SM.

cnMaestro is designed with certain rules where a device sending it’s parent MAC and that’s how we derive the relationship between AP->SM->WiFi devices.

This may not be immediate priority to fix in device tree but we will discuss internally with platform team to find relationship in Mesh network and how to display in cnMaestro.