cnMaestro onboarding connection state error


I'm dealing with an issue onboarding a cnMatrix switch (EX 2010-P) running 2.0.4-r1 software version (already tried on 2.0.5-r2 version) on on-premises cnMaestro running 2.2.0-r60 OVA version.

Despite i set my local cnMaestro ip address (which is reacheable via ping) to cnMatrix as :

cnMatrix-POP SN(config)# device-agent url

and enable cnMaestro device-agent, i got connection state error as :

cnMatrix-POP SN# show device-agent
Device agent : enabled
cnMaestro URL :
Certificate validation : enabled
cnMaestro connection state : Error

Attached screenshots 


Have you installed a certificate in your cnMaestro On-Premises installation?  Certificate validation is usually disabled on devices by default for On-Premises.  Can the switch connect when validation is disabled?

Any certifcate installed on cnMaestro installation. Even disabled (tried by default before enabling it) the switch is unable to connect as follow :


Can you run one of the following commands to get more details from the logs?

show device-agent log (on 2.0.4) or
show cnmaestro log (on 2.0.5)

You can share these logs with me directly via PM or over email if you prefer: jordan.stipati [.at.]

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This issue was solved by disabling Cambium ID based authentication in the On-Premises settings.  It is disabled by default but if enabled could cause devices to rejected without an onboarding key set.


Thanks Jordan 

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