cnMaestro onboarding | visibility of client devices on the map

Hi there, We have a network of about 120 subscribers, about 10 towers and all linked with the PTP670s.Subcribers are connected via the 450i PMP Access points on the High Sites and 450b Sms at clients, We also have some sites connected via the epmp3000s & f300s.

We have onboarded most of the devices to cnMaestro(cloud) but about 20 of the F300s are not onboarding they keep on saying waiting for Devices.we have tried all the onboarding options even upgraded and drowngraded the firmware but these devices are not onboarding.

Apart from this issue non of the onboarded client devices are showing or visible on the Map after adding the lattitude & longitude,we would like to precisely visualize their position on the map.Please assist we are looking forward to your responses thank you.

Hi Bawula,
For the devices that aren’t connecting, are they configured to connect to the appropriate cnMaestro instance?

For the SM’s not showing the correct lat/long are you configuring the coordinates by clicking on the SM in cnMaestro and then going to Configuration to enter in this information?

Hi Brian, thanks for the response. The devices that are not connecting are configured with the cnMaestro URL,cambium ID and onboarding key i have also tried to onboard these epmp devices via the serial numbers but they are just not responding.

Im entering the lat/long buy logging into the radios straight not via cnMaestro.Its only the towers that i have entered their location via cnMaestro.

Can the devices that can’t connect to cnMaestro ping the cnmaestro server? If you go to tools → ping and enter for the host, what happens?

Also, you might try putting https:// in front of the cnMaestro url in the radio config. We’ve had mixed luck with it not being present.

Finally, be sure to disable the home, installer, and read-only accounts if you haven’t set the passwords to something secure and actually need to use them.

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Hi Jacob, thanks for the response.The devices not connecting to cnMaestro can’t ping cnmaestro server and i have tried https also .

We have managed to onboard about half of the devices so far, we have had to reboot the SMs several times after putting in the onboarding configs for them to respond.There is some progress the only remaining issue is going to be the visibility of the SMs on the Map within cmMaestro.