CnMaestro OnPremises on real hardware

Hello, we wonder if its possible to install cnmaestro on a physical machine. Is there any ‘how to’ tutorial for this, is anyone had a successful try on this ?

I’m sure it is possible but there is no tutorial or guide available. I personally wouldn’t do it because it will be a huge pain in the butt to maintain - cnMaestro has a lot of moving parts. Stick with the ova image and save your sanity.

Sure, dd the image to a prepared hdd with a gpt partition table and two type 83 partitions. Not lvm.

But there is another question to ask: why? VMs are way more versatile and with Xenserver 6.5sp1 being license free on a halfway decent opteron or xeon processor with 8GB or more ram you can virtualize 99% of your network servers as discreet servers which reduces the surface of attacks and if there is a problem it also limits the scope to that service.
The only servers we have on bare metal now is our storage servers (SAN system), iperf servers scattered across the network and surveillance system and thats because it uses multiple video cards to process all of the video streams in real time and we could not get the hypervisor to link enough cards to one vm.
So much nicer when we have a hardware failure the VM just moves to another server thats part of the cluster.