cnMaestro (OnPremises) - problem with upgrading firmware on SM's

Hi there!

Just few weeks ago i started my journey with Cambium. 

I am very happy but i have problem with cnMaestro. 

I can't upgrade firmware on SM's. For now im using as AP CN ePMP3000 and cnElevate as SM's.

I installed cnMaestro and onboarded all AP's and some SM's.

AP are upgrading without problems on SM's i have problem. Not possible to upgrade FW. 

I uploaded proper FW to cnMaestro i see only ePMP sectors fw. 

Hi ,

The Elevate devices has a known issue while upgrading from cnMaestro if the software version is lower than 4.4.1 .

In 4.4.1 this issue is resolved and  trying to upgrade the device from 4.4.1 to higher versions will work from cnmaestro. As of now the Elevate XM and XW devices has to be manually upgraded from device GUI itself to 4.4.1