cnmaestro partial config


  Is it possible to do an update job on the cnpilots to update just the snmp info. I have 190's, 200's and 201's in the field. some static some dhcp. How can I use cnmaestro to update just then snmp info in an configuration update job.



If you take a look at the example WiFi templates within cnMaestro and your existing device config, you should get a good idea of how to create a new template to change the parameters you are interested in.  I've only done it with ePMP and PMP so I don't know the exact syntax for cnPilot, but hopefully this helps.

  1. Download tech support file from customer's  device (Monitor->Toos->device id).
  2. Copy compete current configuration(exported config Part) from downloaded  tech support file.
  3. In complete configuration file, change  the value of commands  as  your per requirement.
  4. Example snippet is as below 
  5. SNMPRemoteLogin=1
  6. Push the complete  configuration  to  the device as  User-defined parameters.
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