cnMaestro - PPPoE configuration BUGS

Yesterday I used cnMaestro to setup PPPoE settings on e50x devices. I found 2 errors and ask for their verification. I am using the cloud version: 2.4.1-r24

  1. Error no. 1. After entering the username in PPPoE configuration, it is not possible to change. By changing it always returns to the old value. It is necessary to create the AP-Group again and reconfigure with the correct username. I am asking for a correction

  2. Error # 2. Enabling the PPPoE option and leaving VLAN 1 the system does not transfer this parameter to the device configuration file. VLAN entry is missing. The workaround is to enter any VLAN number in the first step, e.g. 55, synchronize, and then change from 55 to 1 and re-sync. After this step, the correct VLAN 1 entry is entered into the configuration. Please correct it.


Hi ,

Can you please confirm which device build is being used.


Software on all of e50x is (e500, e501 and indoor e410)


Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
We found the issue our team is working on the fix.
Issue was because of the latest changes in 2.4.1.
Fix will be available in the next CnMaestro update.

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