1. Hi, am using cnMaestro Version 1.6.3-r39 I would like to get support on how to upgrade and what is the latest version I can jump to from that.
  2. I want to create an MSP Account for my customer but during account, creation am getting an error that says’ no email server available

Hi ernestfgamba,

In order to create MSP account we need to have a SMTP server configured in On premise instance to send a registration mail during Managed account creation.
Please refer below link to add email server (SMTP) settings in order to move forward with MSP account creation.

Once these settings are updated , please create a Branded service first, then create a Managed account.

Currently we are serving 3.0.x releases, below is the path to upgrade latest versions from 1.6.3-R39

  1. Install 2.2.0 OVA
  2. Export Data from 1.6.3-R39 and import to 2.2.0 OVA
  3. Download 2.4.0 OVA and do OVA upgrade from 2.2.0 to 2.4.0
  4. Download 3.0.0 R-34 OVA and upgrade on top of 2.4.0 OVA


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Thank for your input, let me work on it and revert

Hi ernestfgamba – as per this Security Advisory, you should update to the latest 3.0.0 image or 2.4.2/3.0.3 package. The easiest route from 2.4.0 would be to add one more step and install 3.0.0-r34 OVA.