cnMaestro pro version cost

Hi All

What is the price for thr cnMaestro pro version ? 

(On-premise , 1000 Devices) 


No cost as of yet - Both cloud and on-premises full "Pro" versions are currently free to use.  


nice , is free.

but where to get Fresh ubuntu install cnMaestro?

You can download cnMaestro On-Premises here:


Hi All

I upgraded to latest version 1.6.3-r19 and I can see PRO option

How can I get the PRO features? what is the cost of the Pro ? 



are there any future pricing informations yet?

I'm currently testing the cnPilots in my Office. We are planning them for Enterprise use on all of our sites (about 300-350 APs in total). But having in mind that there might be unforeseen costs coming for the Pro-Features in the future is kind of a dealbreaker for me.

Cambium has always stated that PRO functions will be the ones you can live without them, but will make life easier if you have large deployments. You can also see these options right now marked with PRO logo, but nobody knows when and how much would that cost.
Cambium is implementing PRO features already now for a good year, but nothing new about pricing.

I heard that they know more about the pro prices within a month. For us this is also very important because we are building solutions on top of Cambium with the api's. And we don't know what the price will be.